About us

SERCO IT & Services is one of the oldest Hungarian IT companies. Since the establishment of the company, significant changes have occurred in IT and therefore our business position has been modified several times, but all along the way, our basic foundations helped us to find the way forward in the rapidly changing environment. These basic foundations are: business stability, high level of professional knowledge and partnership with our customers.


The organizational structure of our company is mature. Our business results are positive year by year, providing us the possibility of development and perspective thinking. Our stable foundations enable us to build long-term relationships with our partners.


High professional knowledge, can only be achieved by well-trained human resources, is essential for any company. SERCO puts great effort into acquiring new technologies and certifications. That is why we are stable and reliable partners for the major technology vendors who are defining and continuously shaping the market.


SERCO IT & Services has decades of experience providing solutions for various industries so we are able to provide the highest quality of service for our partners. Our products and services are characterized by reliability, enabling us to offer technological infrasrtuctures for the implementation of unique business ideas. Our goal is not to fulfil one-time orders, but to contribute to achieve the business objectives of our customers’ as their reliable dedicated, technological partner.