Protect your saved data and ensure their permanent restoration


Veeam Backup & Replication enables fast, flexible and reliable data recovery for virtual and physical environments. Combining backup and replication in one solution increases the backup value, while VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V and physical environments reinterpret the privacy. Using the software, can reduce the cost of saving and replicating by more than 70%!


Veeam works with all data storage devices and can work with any tape drive with OEM driver.




Recovery time of less than 15 minutes (RTO); Quickly restore customer data in the desired form.




Avoid data loss due to a data loss time of less than 15 minutes (RPO) and support for offsite data protection.




All files, applications, and virtual servers are guaranteed to be recovered from any backup.




Reducing risks by providing a test environment similar to the working environment.




Virtual environment monitoring, reporting and capacity planning.


Rule 3-2-1

Every administrator’s nightmare is to get a phone or get into the workplace facing the fact that one of the servers on one of its servers has stopped. In a better case, “only” a service falls out, worse than a whole server. Saving and restoring data is a critical point for a company, whether small or large. The plan should include a solution that ensures that the saved data is protected, can be restored at any time.

Barracuda Message Archiver

Baracuda Message Achiver is an integrated hardware and software solution for archiving users’ corporate mail. Barracuda Message Archiver saves and indexes all e-mail messages in real time, making them accessible and searchable for legitimate users. To access new messages directly, Barracuda Message Archiver uses the Journaling feature of Microsoft Exchange and other standard mail servers. In addition, Barracuda Message Archiver imports historial E-mail messages, such as PST files and full archiving.


Placing E-Mails and Attachments in Barracuda Message Archiver greatly enhances mail server performance, reduces storage costs and establishes the basics of cost-effective operation. The Barracuda Message Archiver Client Add-in facilitates access to archived mail – providing users with instant access.

By archiving search and generating alarms, all E-Discovery and retention requirements are met by Barracuda Message Archiver. Barracuda’s hardware archiving solution avoids integration, security, and network barriers in software implementation and everyday use against software solutions. Thanks to the advanced role-based user interface and manipulation for secure archiving, the administrator can easily create enterprise-wide access control, including legal and other corporate policies.


You do not need to purchase user licenses to use Barracuda Message Archiver. Thanks to the fact that multiple mails and attachments are archived only once – and compressing messages with Barracuda Message Archiver can reduce archiving costs. Energize Updates constantly updates the Barracuda Message Archiver virus and database system database, in addition, Energize Updates keeps current compliance with current legal regulations and corporate standards and updates encrypted mail attachments to prevent potential vulnerabilities utilization.




Barracuda Message Archiver architettura 2

Barracuda Backup Server

The Barracuda Backup Server is online for secure data backup with the Barracuda Backup Service. The data can be copied from any computer or storage platform, thus ensuring the fast storage and retrieval of data locally. The Barracuda Backup Service securely keeps your saved data and uses an efficient replication technical solution to minimize the cost of recovery using a low bandwidth.

Additional capabilities:


  •  Auto Backup: The administrator can configure how many times a day the data backup will run. This eliminates the risk of manually saving the rescue.
  • Network File System Support: Barracuda Backup Server supports multiple connectivity options for saving data from each network file server, including CIFS (Windows), SSHFS (Mac and Linux / Unix), and NCP (Novell).
  • Windows File System Support: Barracuda Backup Service uses a backup agent software to perform File System backups on Windows 2003 and 2008 servers (standard, enterprise and SBS edition), Windows Storage Server 2003, and Windows Vista, Windows XP, and On Windows 7.
  • Exchange Support: Backup Agent Software can be used to back up Microsoft Exchange 2003, 2007, and 2010.
  • Microsoft SQL Server Support: Backup Agent Software can be used to back up Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and 2008.
  • Locally saved backups: Barracuda Backup Server provides enough space for companies to fully save data, including the backups already made.
  • Quick Reset Data: The administrator can quickly retrieve data from the Barracuda Backup Server, all at network speed. This is the fastest way to recover lost or corrupted data.
  • Safe redundant replication: With multiple encryption, including AES 256 bit, data from remote sites can also be protected. The remote database of Barracuda Networks has a great deal of resonance, where data is protected in a secure format with full encryption.
  • Warning Notification: The Barracuda Backup Service automatically notifies system administrators when an error is detected in the service. Notifications are sent to the device if there is an error, a file rescue error, or a missing file.
  • Declaration of Conformity: The Barracuda Backup Service meets safety requirements that cover a wide range of industry-specific rules such as HIPAA in Healthcare or Gramm-Leach-Bliley at financial companies.














Barracuda Backup Server architecture 1

Unlike other manufacturers, Barracuda Backup Service 3 copies the company’s primary data: a local backup and two backup files that are located in remote clouds. The security and integrity of corporate data at remote sites are Barracuda Networks’s established data centers, each with its own security team, limited visitor privileges, an alarm system, an excellent fire safety system, a shared and redundant power network, and an Internet connection. In a disaster recovery, remote backups can easily restore critical information. Barracuda Backup Subscription provides 24 * 7 surveillance with technical support and data centers in the cloud.


The Barracuda Backup Service is designed to fit into an existing data center environment through which you can forward encrypted backups to data pools in the cloud. The Barracuda Backup Server can be installed between the firewall and the servers, so there is a direct link between the device and the geographically separate data parks of Barracuda Central.


This solution is suitable for any size company. The Barracuda Backup Server creates a locally stored backup of the required files and efficiently delivers all kinds of additional servers to the remote databases without harmful loads. The data stored in the data parks is maintained by Barracuda Central, which is part of the Barracuda Backup Subscription (optionally available) and the storage space may be of the desired size. Barracuda Backup Subscription provides 7 * 24 support for any urgent recovery, any system failure or disaster.


In any complex IT environment, Barracuda Backup Service protects critical business information. Barracuda Backup Service uses standard network protocols for accessing and restoring data that is compatible with major operating systems. Customers will receive automatic alerts if they have any problems with backups or services. Barracuda Backup Service uses multiple types of data recovery methods to restore data stored locally or remotely.


With the Barracuda Backup Web Interface, you can easily manage your saved data on the Barracuda Backup Server and create.