Stability. Excellence. Recognition. Cooperation. Optimism.

SERCO IT & Services has more than 30 years of successful history. During this time our company has developed from a service company to a dominant player on the domestic IT market. Our colleagues always provide the best of their expertise and commitment. As a result, the company is continuously growing and able to provide a reliable and stable background. Those who have developed parallel to the development of corporate values, which today we are proud of and which consciously take care of, develop representing it also in our daily lives and decisions. Our corporate values are being formed parallel with the company. We are proud of them, we consciously protect and develop them.



If you are interested in the company and would like to work with us, but actually do not find the proper opportunity among the open positions, please, send your contact details, your CV and the position you are looking for to When the appropriate position opens, our colleagues will get in touch with you.


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