Environmental awareness

Measures taken in order to reduce the environmental impact.

Year after year, companies take more emphasis on compliance with environmental legislation. This requires that the company is aware of the environmental impacts of its activities and is able to develop methods that reduce the level of pollution and waste.


The environmental conscious operation may display on many levels in a company’s life. At a basic level for example it could appear as a measure taken for less material and energy use or deliberate waste management.


At SERCO, we are monitoring continuously the environmental legislations and regulations as well as their changes and introduce them at all levels of the organization. We make sure regularly that the environmental impacts caused by our operations are suppressed to the minimum level and we treat environmental resources sparingly.


Special attention is paid to the proper treatment of waste generated by us during our service activity. Scheme for handling defective parts accumulated during service activity has been accepted in the ME01 quality management process.


We prefer electronic storage regarding to process documentation, but there are cases where we have to ensure the availability of paper-based materials as well. Our employees mostly print on recycled paper in black and white through the central printer.


The environmentally conscious waste management, selective waste collection is not only pronounced during the working processes, but it is an important element of organizational behaviour as well.


In almost all rooms of the building, the electric switch is connected to motion detector thereby we optimizing energy consumption.


We support our employees cycling to work in order to reduce pollution. Locked garage for storage, lockers and shower facilities are available for our cyclist colleagues. Several of our colleagues arrive on two wheels to the workplace on a daily basis.