Cloud-based services

Efficient and reliable infrastructure and software – without investment and operating costs.

One of the main guidelines of the 2010s are cloud services which have many advantages. The service is location-independent, scalable, cost-effective and offers high availability. These solutions are advantageous for almost any size and type of companies, only the service type which fits to the organization should be selected carefully. The cloud-based architectures are centralized and reduce the vulnerability of the system and the potential of human error, as most of the processes are automated. Especially important that due to the strict application of encryption methods, data stored in the cloud are in maximum safety, furthermore, employees working remotely can securely access the information through their mobile devices. By using our cloud services, infrastructure and software operations and maintenance can be outsourced together.


We provide our solutions placed in data parks, or even at our customers own premises. We use the most advanced technologies which are currently available.


The solution is primarily recommended for customers who want to ensure the IT infrastructure for their company with rapid and scalable resource for a fraction of the investment costs of such physical systems.