On the path of IT evolution and beyond.

Established more than three decades ago, SERCO IT & Services is one of the oldest Hungarian companies whit dedicated information technology profile since its foundation.


In 1983, SERCO was established to warranty service TPA computers and peripherals. At that time the job was done in rented office as a part-time job for the founders who carried out their ideas to satisfy the first customers that in the same time was building their full-time business, based on the founders’ fast and precise service activities, their professional knowledge and the experience gained from their previous jobs. Thanks to the represented values and high standards of service, the business quickly took the path of development.


In the early ’90s, profile expansion and the company’s dynamic growth began. After the CITIZEN distribution, SERCO acquired the distribution of COPAM. In 1992, the first computer shop, in 1995, the first central computer service was opened.


The real breakthrough in the life of SERCO IT & Services happened in 1996. The number of employees exploded and the product and service portfolio significantly expanded. SERCO was the first qualified reseller partner of Fujitsu, which appeared in Hungary at that time.


In 1999, the implementation of a Quality Management System was necessary because of the increased company size, the need for transparency in processes and in order to achieve business goals successfully. This Quality Management System was introduced to provide even higher level services. During the planning of the system, standardized and accurate implementation of work processes and efficient use of resources were in focus to provide an even better customer experience.


Since the 2000s, the company’s life has been determined by meeting the demand generated by public procurement tenders as well as the business sector’s needs which have developed rapidly due to growing IT opportunities.


In 2005, SERCO IT & Services moved to a new, modern office building with appropriate endowments and size to Óbuda Lakókert, the current headquarter of the company.


Since the 1980s, huge changes have occurred in the world of IT, but SERCO has always been in possession of competencies which allowed the company not only to adapt to changing circumstances, but to gain business benefits as well.

What are the foundations that still define the company? Business stability, professional knowledge, maintenance of partner confidence and internal demand for continuous improvement.