IT operation, IT outsourcing

Efficient and reliable IT development and operation by outsourcing, without any investment.

A company always has one or two IT specialist less than required. If we look at special areas of expertise, the deficit is even bigger, as each area usually requires different expertise mostly from separate experts.


Based on previous experience, SERCO IT & Services delivers customized solutions for its clients in order to have IT developments without investments and to have IT operation a simple, fixed, measurable and accountable cost in order to ensure that our clients could allocate greater resources to their own core businesses rather than their information technology.


The biggest advantage of outsourced IT operation is that you do not have to maintain competencies which are necessary occasionally for only short periods and cases. Companies’ workforce could be better utilized by outsourcing tasks which require lower level of competence so the employees actually can deal with heavier tasks.

Typically we provide technology/vendor-specific experts, system engineers and technicians as supporters usually at Level 1 and Level 2. The most common tasks include firewall, server and client management, maintenance tasks, migration, log inspection and documentation.


If required, we provide the infrastructure outsourcing as well on agreed SLAs, thereby we aan take over the complete HW / SW operation from our customers on demand.


Our expertise is extremely broad because the systems operated by us have very diverse structure in terms of software and hardware components as well including SMB and Enterprise grade systems. Our systems are typically Microsoft and Linux servers and clients, e-mail and collaboration softwares (MS Exchange & Outlook, Linux-based mail server), fax servers, as well as general office application packages.


In addition to standard hardware components (servers, workstations, mobile devices, printers, active network devices) of corporate IT, we also operate many specific devices & device parks such as thin clients or high-performance document scanners.


Although our clients’ IT systems are diverse and very varied structure, what they have in common is that the requirements are very strict according to their reliable operation. Our company is a stable and expert consulting partner for all small, medium and large companies not only in Budapest but we can also provide comprehensive and reliable support in all areas nationwide.


Our colleagues are participating trainings continuously, their skills are kept up to date so they are prepared for the tasks, whether it is in a small office environment or a large diversified enterprise grade IT system.