Improve operational efficiency, create new business potential and value-added services by using M2M.

The communication between the individual components of the basic process equipment can be very diverse, for example, which are the connected machines, what type of communication they use, and how they use the received information. The technology allows proper data extraction and sending them to the right place, in line with the conditions for correct decisions.


The reporting tool can be a simple measuring device (such as thermometer, level meter, power meter, speedometer, etc.) but even a modularly structured multi-functional network endpoint. As technology advances, often intelligent electronic measuring devices can be connected to the network due to the used standards.


Many solutions exist to transmit data from the remote device: mobile networks, satellite communications, phone lines. The incoming data can be analysed by an existing enterprise application or an independent, M2M specific data management system. Today, the second solution is more common because – due to industry specialization – does not cause significant additional costs.


The goal is that the system can respond automatically based on the received data, and provide the appropriate information to the user, regardless of whether it is stand-alone or part of a larger system. For example, a building engineering M2M system can send a message to the maintenance staff via e-mail or text message if a repair is necessary somewhere, or even it is time for general maintenance.


Nowadays, this solution has many application area. The main applications of M2M are telemetry, telematics, remote monitoring, logistics, remote reading, healthcare, households, banking, security systems, business solutions.


Enterprise resource monitoring

Transparent business processes in order to optimize the resources.



Smart Home

Central control system for transparency and rationalization of resource utilization.


Smart City

Smart solutions for a more liveable city.



POS Monitoring System

Cash Register Supervision System – A secure point in the sea of receipts.