Printer consolidation

Developing target oriented and cost-effective network of printers.

The aim of this service is to achieve the most effective operation under the given limits. Operation of a large number of different types of small-scale local and desktop printers from different manufacturers can be very costly. The operational and service costs (cost per page) could be significantly reduced by optimal centralization.


The financing of implementation of services provided by SERCO is usually can start with a financial construction which does not require a significant initial investment, and thanks to the new printers our customers can count with a moderate, predictable and accurately detected printing costs right from the very first month.


Our technical solutions:

  • Minimal changes, operation is in one hand, ignoring the occasional repairs, laid the emphasis on prevention.
  • Modernization, replacement of inefficient equipment multifunction solutions.
  • Creation of a homogeneous printer network by the reduction of machine number.
  • Introduction of access identification using RFID / card / PIN code / password, which will result a customized, trackable use of printers.