PFU Scanners

Fujitsu is an established leader in the document imaging market, featuring state-of-the-art scanning solutions in the workgroup, departmental, and production-level scanner categories. Fujitsu scanners deliver speed, image quality, and great paper handling, along with easy integration and compatibility with document imaging applications.

Fujitsu brand scanners are designed, manufactured and marketed worldwide by PFU Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Fujitsu Limited (Japan). PFU is a globally active IT provider that designs, manufactures and markets computer hardware, peripheral products and enterprise software. PFU offers a broad portfolio of document scanners for professional personal, desktop, workgroup, high-volume production and networked environments and is one of the world’s leading document scanner companies.


PFU offers the most comprehensive range of document scanners available on the market today.


Manufactured to the highest quality standards, Fujitsu scanners have an excellent reputation for reliability. Whether your application involves document management, archiving, workflow or forms processing, PFU most likely has the optimum scanner for the capture of your documents and data.

ScanSnap Scanners


Digitize all sorts of documents with ScanSnap. With your papers, business cards, magazine clippings neatly organized as digital data, say goodbye to messy desks and filing cabinets, and hello to easy information searches.



  • The scanner that intuitively guides you through every step of the scanning process.
  • Access your documents anywhere and anytime
    • Scan to and view across a range of popular cloud services.
    • Wirelessly scan to your PC, Mac, iPad® / iPhone®, Android™ and Kindle™ devices.
  • A host of automated settings designed for effortless scanning.
  • Scan your everyday documents from business cards to A4 and even A3.
  • Scan to: Word, Excel®, E-mail and SharePoint® amongst others.
  • ScanSnap Cloud takes paper directly to your cloud.








  • One touch operation for PC and Mac.
  • Versatile scanning of everyday documents including loose paper, bound material and delicate items.
  • Instantly scan and crop multiple documents.
  • Continuous scanning with page turning detection and timed scanning.
  • VI technology minimises any unevenness in image quality.
  • Book Image Correction; automatically corrects curvature and distortion of bound material.
  • Small footprint, robust design; easy to place in any environment.

fi Series Scanners


Fujitsu brand fi-Series scanners come armed with ultra efficient automatic document feeders (ADF) that are indispensable for quickly scanning large volumes of paper documents. These ADFs reduce pre-scanning processes by guaranteeing that documents are fed into the scanner one sheet at a time.


Most fi-Series scanners are equipped with two CCD sensors that enable them to scan both sides of a double-sided document in a single pass. In addition to faster scanning, this feature frees operators from troublesome and time consuming tasks, such as having turning double-sided documents over for rescanning purposes.



  • The fi-7140 is designed to introduce seamless document capture routines to organisations and expand them into workgroups and departments.
  • Easy set up, intuitive use and hassle-free maintenance with replaceable consumables and unhindered cleaning routines characterise this robust scanner.
  • The fi-7140 inherits the latest fi Series hardware technology and PaperStream software.         







  • Increase productivity/collaboration/customer satisfaction;
  • Meet legal and regulatory obligations and disaster recovery objectives;
  • Save space and money;
  • Address sustainability management.

Small Format Scanner


Customer facing environments sometimes require easy and quick scanning of single, small format documents. With impressive convenience, Fujitsu small document scanners meet this need.



  • The ultra compact fi-65F from Fujitsu has been especially designed for easy and quick scanning of single, small format documents.



SP Series Scanners


Versatile: Entry point into professional document management.

Resourceful: Purpose built with impressive software suite for efficiency gains.

Reliable: Intuitively and dependably converts physical documents to digital format.

Convenient: Simple and easy to use design, ideal for desktop placement.


  • Designed to capture 20 pages per minute (A4 colour, duplex 200/300dpi), the SP-1120 model is intended as a solution for companies seeking to raise their productivity.
  • The SP-1120 helps to support a dedicated, single business function such as scanning to an archive or in a small mailroom.
  • The SP-1120 model comes with the PaperStream IP driver and image enhancement software to ensure high capture quality.




  • The SP-1425 is the first flatbed scanner to be introduced within the SP Series Family.
  • This entry level flatbed scanner has a compact design, a duplex scanning functionality and a 50 sheet automatic document feeder.
  • The SP-1425 comes bundled with PaperStream IP scanner driver and is fully compliant with the industry standard TWAIN and ISIS interface.


Network Scanning


Fujitsu Network Scanners maximize business efficiency by offering the user a near-instant view of resulting scans and significantly reducing waiting time.




  • Thanks to its enhanced CPU and GI processor, the Fujitsu​ N7100 speeds up image processing within the scanning workflow by a factor of ten compared to its predecessor the N1800, offering the user a near-instant view of resulting scans and significantly reducing waiting time.
  • The N7100 Network scanner also features twin USB ports to support the addition of a mouse and keyboard.