Lenovo warranty service

Qualified servicing of Lenovo products all over the country.

SERCO IT is a qualified warranty service for Lenovo since 2015, providing warranty services for the Lenovo Think range. Our service is well equipped and operates under a quality management system compliant with MSZ EN ISO 9001:2008 guaranteeing high quality services.

Our customers are welcome to contact us either on-line or by contacting our customer service directly.

We provide advanced level support contracts to our corporate customers with Lenovo Think products where we can free them from the duties associated with warranty administration. The most important elements of our service are troubleshooting within 24 hours (in special cases it can be even faster) and guaranteed repair within 4 hours or providing exchange product until the repair is done on the basis of SLA agreements.

The outstanding quality of our work is guaranteed by the constantly expanding professional knowledge of our colleagues, the regular monitoring of Lenovo’s domestic brand representatives and the parts purchased directly from the manufacturer.

An important feature of our warranty service that we can inform quickly and effectively by our customer service.

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