POS Control System

Cash Register Supervision System – A secure point in the sea of receipts.

This Hungarian cash register control system offers an overall security and economic solution, tailored to the given company, in the following fields:

  • Effective reduction of inventory shorts
  • Elimination of cash register abuses
  • Identification of security risks
  • Analysis of turnover
  • Compilation of economic reports

Analysis of economis data

POSeidon is a system developed primarily on the basis of security considerations, however, it offers numerous economic features as well. It can provide up-to-date data, even statistical reports on the shoppings: the value of individual transactions, the turnover of individual article Nos., turnover data for each time-of-day period, for issued invoices the transactions of individual shoppers, the transaction data of individual cash registers. The POSeidon system can support the economic analyses, marketing campaigns of the company, or even the efficient contacting of customers.


Introduction and operation of the system

The POSeidon® Control System is introduced according to the needs of the client. After surveying the characteristics of the stores and finding out the needs of the client, we plan the optimal system. On the basis of the plan we install the required hardware and software. A test system can be installed, as a first step, on the basis of the operation of which the efficiency of the system can be examined in a “life-like” environment. During the installation of the system our experts also perform the harmonization of the existing systems and POSeidon, thus ensuring the trouble-free flow of information.

We ensure the successful operation of the system through continuous support. After its introduction we train the internal staff operating the system. We provide a warranty for the hardware elements, and perform all necessary maintenance. We continuously install upgrades of the software. We support the staff in the detections through counselling.

If required, a senior colleague with experience in investigation will perform the overall analysis of the operation of the system, reveal any possible new risk, and detect methods of commission, offenders that are difficult to identify.




With the POSeidon® Control System a large number of abuses can be detected quickly, with few resources. In addition to real time control, subsequent control is also possible by means of a database. With the Poseidon Investigation software every suspicious transaction can be identified simply. Upon detection all evidence is also available.


Our developer colleagues build up the system according to the needs of the client. Poseidon can be connected to any cash register system, and the software can be programmed to recognize the parameters, characters generated by the given cash register. (The system does not interfere with the operation of the cash register.) The system can be further developed according to the wishes of the client later on.

Ease of operation

The operating interface is simple, transparent, the operation of the program can be learnt in a short time, special functions can also be developed: e.g. automatic alarms, control through a transparent graphical ground-plan. The cost of the introduction of the system includes training in operation.

Remote access

A central control computer can be connected to recording machines operating in several different stores, thus searches, investigations can be controlled from a single centre, at a national, or even international level. The data can be stored on additional background machines, the capacity of which can be expanded at will.


The software applies a unique format, thus the recorded data cannot be manipulated.


Our developer colleagues perform the continuous maintenance of the system, thus preventing any failure. In the event of any emergency hardware or software problem, starting from Budapest they can eliminate the breakdown within a short time. We provide a full warranty for the whole system – including its hardware elements as well.


The system is continuously further developed, our clients receive the upgrade software versions and the experiences gained in the course of the operation of the system as part of the base package.


POSeidon® Control System can enhance safety, identify crimes in the background, thus the guards, the staff need to act only in the event of real offences, the unnecessary stopping, or the bothering of shoppers by mistake can be avoided.

Quick recovery

The cost of the system can be recovered within a short time – within six months – on the basis of experiences gained so far. Recovery is measurable in the short-term on the basis of the detected cases, in the medium-term in the reduction of inventory shorts, and in the long-term the presence of the system has a strong preventive effect.


An answer to the risks identified in trading

The development of the system started during the examination of the possibilities of reducing the security risks often arising in trading. According to some estimates, in domestic retail trading the value of inventory shorts of unknown origin amounts to almost HUF 100 billion at an annual level. On the basis of the analysis of domestic and European case studies, as well as surveys conducted at our domestic clients, 40-60% of inventory shorts is attributable to cash register abuses. Based on the analysis of domestic detections we have established that in Hungary complex methods of commission previously hardly known in Western-Europe can also be observed, and often there are organized offender groups behind the abuses, who commit serial offences at one or more trading units.


The critical point is the cash register

The traditional methods of reducing mistakes and deliberate abuses at the cash register (test shopping, receipt-checking, job instruction, back office monitor) are limited in identifying mistakes, and rarely effective in detecting abuses occurring at the cash register. At the cash register cashiers not having the right attitude can get a considerable “supplementary” income at a low risk of being caught. The main difficulty of detection is the lack of information: the available and storable information is either only image information, or only text information, and on the basis of either one separately it is difficult to establish both the amount actually entered into the cash register by the cashier and the goods really taken by the customer.


The solution – the integration of the information

The basis of the POSeidon® Control System is an informatics development allowing the full integration of the information generated by the cash register on the video recording made by the camera placed at the cash register. The simultaneous display of image and text information allows full and error-free control. The text information appearing on the screed during the playing of the video recording can be compared to the movement of goods seen in the image, thus any possible mistake, cash register abuse becomes evident. The system can give a (visual, audio) signal to the operator of the central monitor in the event of preset critical transactions – goods of a given article No., cancelling, employee shopping, etc. –, facilitating efficient real- time control.

Information can be stored, thus allowing not only real-time control, but subsequent retrieval as well.


The investigator of the system – POSeidon investigation

The hundreds of hours of video recordings made at the numerous cash registers of a larger store give an amount of information that is almost impossible to process with the traditional methods. The investigation software – POSeidon Investigation – developed for the central computer of the POSeidon® Control System allows the identification of every suspicious transaction and the detection of every abuse within a short time and with a low number of staff.

The investigation software can operate on the basis of both preprogrammed – on the basis of case studies – and manually controlled search algorithms. Based on the risk parameters set in the search screen, the software can select the requested transactions in a few minutes. Naturally, the investigation settings include searches suitable for identifying the methods of commission detected so far.  (The search options available in the program, adjusted to the needs of the client, can cover all parameters suitable for search at the given trading unit.)

The investigation program is easy to run, its use can be learnt in a short time. We follow the “development” of the methods of commission with continuous investigation counselling and software development. The system can operate in a network as well, combining the information coming from individual stores.



You can use our security system at every commercial, catering unit where the physical movement of the goods is synchronous with the checkout registering or any other data recording but especially in:

  • cash registers or cutomer services of supermarkets, hypermarkets and stores
  • gas stations, pharmacies, jewelleries, toy shops, clothing stores
  • warehouse, discount chains, outlets
  • do-it-yourself shops, building materials warehouses, furniture stores
  • sport equipment stores, leisure and sports stores
  • production line quantity registers
  • industrial scales