Qualified Data Deletion

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What can BLANCCO qualify for data deletion?






Proven and qualified efficiency


BLANCCO’s products have the most important recommendations on the market. International and national authorities’ certification, which guarantees effective data erasure and disinfection.

Automated deletion process


BLANCCO is an expert in data deletion and data carrier destruction more than 15 years. The whole automated deleting process saves your money, time and resources.

Solution to all situations


BLANCCO’s products always provide solutions to all situations to any data carrier must be disinfected. Whether is a USB key, a mobile phone or a server, you can be sure that BLANCCO’s products will erase all data irretrievably.

Simplicity, forward-looking technology


BLANCCO completely overwrites the data carrier’s area, including HPO and DCO areas. It is handle the wrong and the remodelled sectors and BLANCCO make report about this and this process is automatizing.

The effectiveness of BLANCCO was verified by the following organizations:




Common Criteria is the best-known security certificate all over the world.





United States Department of Defense


French National Defense Authority


United Kingdom Ministry of Defense


National Security Office of the Czech Republic


Polish Homeland Security Service


BLANCCO products are tailored to different needs:





Blancco Drive Eraser


Delete of workstations, mobile workstations, servers and disassemble hard drives.


Extensive hardware support from Blancco Drive Eraser also enables the breakdown of RAID configurations. We are widely support of personal computers, the notebooks and the data storages.

Blancco Drive Eraser

Blancco LUN Eraser


Qualified, reliable data deletion for enterprise data canter’s. Deleting logical drives in active, live environments without the data centre being shut down.


So the Blancco LUN Eraser excellently correspond to storage system to delete because leave the disks operation systems untouched, only overwrite business data stored on logical drives.


Row of network servers in data center

Blancco Management Console


Blancco Management Console is fully handled the reports by Blancco’s software and verifies their authenticity. It easy to manage the classified data deletion, the whole process of selling and disposing of IT assets, managing hardware inventory, and reporting data cancellations for audit purposes.


Blancco Management Console are stores the reports for successful deletions.


Blancco Management Console

Magnetic Hard Drive Destruction Device


The Ontrack Eraser Degausser Magnetic Destruction Device, available in the framework of centralized public procurement with NATO SECRET, is a destruction device developed for organizations that can easily, quickly and simply destroy large amounts of hard disk and magnetic tape (eg. DAT/DDS Tape).


It can be operated continuously and destruction of a data carrier takes up to 5 seconds.



Blancco Mobile Device Eraser


Reliable data destruction for mobile phones, iPads, android phones and other tablet PCs.

Resetting your mobile phones and tablet PCs to factory status does not delete the data from your device. The Blancco Mobile Device Eraser is delete the e-mails, the business cards and the messages as well as sterilize the smart phones and tablet PCs 100 %.


smart phone

Blancco File Eraser


The most effective way to data deletion day-to-day abolition, quickly, easily, and efficiently. Simple manageability, automatic and manual overwrite routines that meet the data retrieval requirements.


The Blancco File solution is designed for users who work with sensitive data. Provides a solution for deleting excel documents, Word documents, photos, and temporary files.


Blancco Cloud


Blancco Cloud is a cloud-based central management, which is act for the Blancco Management Console and provide solutions for the data deletion needs of small and medium-sized businesses.


The data’s never gets out of the organization, only the successful data deletion reports could keep in the clouds.

Blancco Cloud

Blancco Enterprise Erase E800


The Blancco Enterprise Erase E800 is a server-grade, enterprise-class solution for high destruction and data disinfection needs in data centres.


The E800 can be configured to handle a wide range of hard drives, including SAS, SATA, IDE, Fiber Channel (FC) and SCSI disks.



Blancco Removable Media Eraser


Professional delete of USB keys, SD cards, CF cards, furthermore every other tool what use FLASH memory.


This application reliably deletes every data from storage media using semiconductor memory supported by Microsoft Windows and removes 100% of the information.


Blancco Removable Media Eraser

Blancco Virtual Machine Eraser


Automatically, reliably and permanently destroys all data in a virtual machine or server environment.


Data removed from virtual machines and servers can in most cases easily be recovered with a help of a forensic tool, if we do not take care about their correct and safe deletion by overwriting.



Blancco Mobile Diagnostics


Blancco Mobile Diagnostics is an indispensable auxiliary tool for mobile operators to operate and manage mobile phones.


The SmartChk Diagnostic Software developed by the Blanco Technology Group for Xcaliber Technologies can run 52 different tests on iOS and Android devices, to find automatically and record bugs and non-working parts.

Two smart phones standing

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