Quality policy

Our mission is to earn our customers’ trust through the fulfilment of quality standards.

The basic objective of SERCO IT & Services’ policy is to satisfy our customers’ needs at the highest possible level and maintain good partnership relations. To do so it is essential to improve the quality of our services continuously, to ensure the efficient flow of information, as well as to provide legal and regulatory requirements of business processes.


In 1999, we developed and introduced our own quality assurance system in order to achieve our goals. Our system is controlled by an independent auditing firm year by year, to ensure the requirements of MSZ EN ISO 9001: 2008 standard compliance. By operating the system and increasing its effectiveness, we provide permanent development of services and constant raise of activity level.


By the implementation and certification of quality management system, our goal was to show to the market and our customers that SERCO is in possession of all the necessary competences to meet requirements, internal and external demands on long-term.