System engineering

Designing, developing and documenting customized and reliable IT systems.

We are providing enterprise grade system integration and able to execute the end-to-end process including designing, developing, documenting these customized and reliable IT systems to provide seamless business that we are also able to operate if needed.


After the objectives are defined and the assessment of the actual state and situation have been understood, we set up the requirements of the new system with our customer. Our experts – by means of consultation – prepare the description of steps and priorities, and if necessary they prepare alternatives as well. After the selection, great attention is paid to not only the system set up but also the proper documentation of the established system.


Of course, SERCO IT & Services is also partner in implementation as the executor of construction (networking, commissioning of network devices, servers, workstations etc.) or provides continuous expert support to the contractor.


We also organize trainings for system operators, to be able to operate their new system if needed but we can also give support offer or operate the system completely by agreed SLAs outsourced.