Enterprise resource monitoring

Transparent business processes in order to optimize the resources.

Today, all companies and institutions are increasingly using the possibilities of the enterprise resource monitoring (ERM). That offer you not only the security, but efficiency can be also greatly increased.


The ERM’s aims to ensure verifiability and transparency of the processes while allowing a wide range of data collection and as a result the company realize cost reduction. With the help of its use the company’s resource utilization becomes transparent.


Application areas are supervision of buildings (eg. offices, warehouses), supervision of capital goods (machinery and equipment) as well as the supervision of human resources (electronic administration of employees’ physical work).


The introduced technology – according to customer needs – could offer solutions for the enterprise at three levels:

Level 1: Provide information to authorized users

Level 2: Enact actions based on the received information

Level 3: Recorde proactive activities


The remote monitoring devices have modular system improved in Hungary, so there is no need for separate sensors to set up a variety of operations, and they are easily customizable (eg. by using image elements).


We sell the devices and software used in various supervisory solutions from a single source called application-service. We provide the necessary monitoring devices, the associated SIM card subscriptions and data traffic cost, application-specific monitoring software, and training required for optimal operation as well, so that there are no hidden costs and we pass the turnkey customized systems.