Endpoint Protection

Effective protection of endpoints against data theft and data leakage.

Nowadays antivirus programmes are required to provide monitoring of endpoint hygiene throughout the entire network besides identifying malicious codes and deterring their operation, in order to provide reliable protection against the increasingly complex threats and ensure proper surveillance over the end-users.


Besides traditional antivirus solutions, SERCO IT & Services offers real endpoint protection options as well, which control the use of portable data storages connected to network PCs, monitor data flowing through USB and network drives and record them in a transparent form.


Endpoint protection management is an approach within the field of network protection, which defines concrete criteria for endpoint devices to access network resources. By establishing a central endpoint management, it is possible to save time and energy while significantly improving data safety level. By applying this, modules on all devices of the corporate environment are centrally managed and all data about the devices are immediately accessible.


Our product portfolio includes ESET, G-Data, DriveLock and Aida products.



ESET NOD32 Antivirus provides quick and effective protection against viruses, unwanted advertising programs, trojans, spyware and phishing sites. The software can proactively block malicious software without slowing down the computer. It has the big advantage of compatible with any operation system like Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, just as Windows 10 and it is very easy to install.


The ESET NOD32 Antivirus doesn’t have built-in firewall, therefore we recommend it to personal computers that provide firewall protection in other reliable ways.


The ESET Smart Security suite is the new generation of NOD32 technology, which contain NOD32 antivirus and antispyware, firewall, SPAM filter and anti-theft protection module. So it doesn’t only protect against malicious software, but it blocks the ransomware attempts and also removes spam too. It also helps to recover lost or stolen portable devices by protecting the program against both virtual and real world threats.


G Data

G Data Internet Security provides unique protection with its two search engine, its excellent heuristic ability and its cloud-based protection against malicious software and also able to remove those that have been accessed before installation.


G Data Internet Security’s firewall blocks the burglary attempts, and the spam filter protects email programs from spam advertising which is connect to fully configurable real-time black lists. The Parental Control feature allows you which websites can be visited by children and how long they can use the computer or the Internet for a day or a week.


The software is easy to install and configure, running in the background it does not slow down the computer. G Data’s software, with G Data BankGuard Technology, provides a unique way of providing direct protection the use of Internet credit card access against Trojans.