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„If you want to be successful, it's very simple. Know what you're doing, love what you're doing, and believe in what you're doing.”

Will Rogers

  • Tamás Wéber

  • Krisztina Kalocsa

  • Kornél Odri

  • Andrea Lippai

  • Tibor Faragó
Wéber Tamás

Tamás Wéber

Chief Executive Officer
Tamás began his career at SERCO as a trader in 2002, then after obtaining his degree in economics, he served as deputy commercial director and later as commercial director leading the sales team. With two decades of experience in the domestic and international IT markets, he has been managing SERCO Informatics as the managing director since 2012 and as the CEO following the company’s change of form in 2022.
Kalocsa Krisztina

Krisztina Kalocsa

Company Director | Financial Director
Krisztina holds degrees in communication engineering and economics. She capitalized on her expertise as a departmental engineer at the Institute of Systems Technology at Szent István University before joining the team at SERCO Informatics. She coordinated the service department for over ten years as service manager and currently leads the financial and controlling departments as the Financial Director.
Odri Kornél

Kornél Odri

Company Director | Service Director
With a degree in Business Informatics and more than 20 years of service experience, Kornél has extensive knowledge in designing, implementing, and operating commercial and open-source system projects. He has a wide range of expertise in high-availability (HA) clusters, virtualization solutions, and IT security. Relying on these competencies, he directs the operations of the SERCO Informatics service department.
Lippai Andrea

Andrea Lippai

Sales Support Director
With a degree in commercial management, Andrea has been working in the IT market since 2004. As a business development and commercial director, she played a key role in several companies in successfully initiating and operating public procurement, a specialized commercial area, and in establishing manufacturer, distributor, and client relationships. She joined the SERCO Informatics team in 2020, where as the Sales Support Director she utilizes her nearly two decades of experience.
Faragó Tibor

Tibor Faragó

Commercial Director
Tibor holds a degree in engineering informatics. From 1997 for 13 years, he worked in the field of IT with his own small business. Tibor joined SERCO in 2010, and over the years has significantly contributed to the company's commercial success. He currently supports the work of the sales colleagues as the Commercial Director with his wide-ranging experience in sales.