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System Administrator Services

Professional Team, Professional Work

System Administrator Services

Professional Team, Professional Work

A seamless IT system is vital in the day-to-day operations of a modern company. Connectivity amongst staff, and with the outside world, is a basic expectation, and system errors can result in serious downtime and financial loss.

As the significance of IT systems grows, so too does the size of the IT toolkit. This constant evolution requires ongoing learning and improvement for IT professionals. This is why sometimes one person is not enough to manage system administrator tasks, and opting for a system administrator service is more practical.

What does a system administrator do?

Each IT system is different, so the extent of system administrator services can vary from company to company. Essentially, IT management includes the following tasks:

  • Monitoring the system and intervening when necessary
  • Managing user permissions
  • Handling file management
  • Maintaining security
  • Performing updates and installations
  • Creating and checking backups
  • Managing documentation
  • Finding new and efficient solutions to meet arising needs
  • Maintaining acquired knowledge level (through training, recertification exams)

The Knowledge a System Administrator Service Requires

This comprehensive set of tasks can only be fully managed by a well-prepared, versatile team with extensive knowledge. Here are some areas of expertise system administrator service providers should possess:

  • Networks and systems
  • Cloud technology, cloud-based data storage, virtualization
  • Automation and optimization
  • System design
  • System monitoring
  • Backup planning, data security
  • Security solutions (firewalls, logging systems, endpoint protection)


  • At SERCO, we believe that excellent system administrator service focuses on preventing problems before they occur.
  • We build and operate stable systems and fortifications, guaranteeing their upkeep and smooth operation.
  • Flexibility is the key motto of our professionals, allowing us to respond quickly and effectively to customer needs.
  • We work towards the efficient cooperation of machines and people, achieving this by "speaking the same language" as both.
  • We are proactive towards new challenges, thriving on learning and exploring evolving areas.

We provide a stable IT backbone for your company!

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