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IT Operations

To ensure everything runs smoothly…

IT Operations

To ensure everything runs smoothly…

IT infrastructure ensures the smooth and efficient functioning of companies. It creates a foundation upon which one can confidently build, both now and in the future. The planning and effective operation of this foundation require specialized knowledge and experience that most companies only partially possess.

Partial or full outsourcing of IT operations addresses this issue, whereby a team of external experts performs the dedicated tasks under the scope of IT operations. Precisely what tasks, with what availability and response time, are agreed upon by the IT service provider and the client in a contract known as the SLA, or Service Level Agreement.

The activities of IT operations are quite varied and include:

  • Operating and maintaining IT services and devices,
  • Implementing system and network design,
  • Recovering data in the event of unexpected system damage,
  • Helping users (support), or assisting and managing technical staff when they face IT problems,
  • Building and operating hybrid/private/public cloud-based services and infrastructure.

Why is it worth outsourcing IT operations?

  • Broad expertise: The entrusted team has specialized knowledge, ensuring professional planning and execution.
  • Cost-effective solution: In the long term, outsourcing can be a cost-effective solution since it doesn't require static resources to cover occasional problems.
  • Flexible capacity: Capacity can be flexibly expanded: if more specialists are needed for a project, reallocating resources is not an issue.
  • Efficiency: The company only needs to maintain internally the business-critical (company-specific) knowledge, allowing staff to focus on increasing productivity. The company does not need to provide internally for non-critical knowledge with expensive resources (e.g., an IT director does not need to be technically detailed about the troubleshooting process of a particular printer; it's enough to know who is responsible for solving the problem). Everyone can focus on their tasks internally!

Come with us to the future!

At SERCO, we believe that the future lies in information technology. The wave of digitalization is already on the rise globally, and creating IT infrastructure is the first and most crucial step in this process.

The question is, who will jump onto this whirlwind of modernization and who will join the ranks of those left behind!

Are you ready?