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System Design and Network Planning

Connected at Every Level

System Design and Network Planning

Connected at Every Level

IT systems and networks are the foundations of a well-functioning enterprise. These form part of a background infrastructure that is tailored to specific needs, meticulously planned, and constructed with high precision, enabling efficient operation.

System Design

System design is the first step towards creating the right IT infrastructure. The design of servers and workstations requires meticulous consideration as it will determine future expansion. Factors to consider during the design phase include:

  • Optimal devices,
  • Size, speed, and capacity,
  • Current needs and future plans,
  • Flexibility and expandability,
  • Security.

Network Planning

Networks enable the connection and communication between devices that are distant from each other. Without IT networks, the operation of organizations today is unimaginable. They facilitate simple data transmission, efficient organization, and error management..

Network planning, tailored to needs, can encompass many things and typically extends to the following:

  • Wired network (LAN) installation,
  • Wireless network installation,
  • Integration of cloud-based solutions and services into the existing system,
  • Error management and prevention.

Connecting You to the World

System design and network planning create the backdrop for companies to increase efficiency through internal connections and connect to other economic players and consumers. The importance of this task is unquestionable, so it matters who you entrust with the planning and establishment.

SERCO has been strengthening the domestic IT market for more than four decades. Throughout this time, we have always represented a high level of professional knowledge. We understand that our clients entrust us with their IT tasks, conferring their trust in us, which we hold in high esteem.

In this spirit, we carry out system and network planning! Entrust us, and we will connect you to the world, plug you into the efficiency network.

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