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Deployment of Cloud-Based Services

Heading to the cloud!

The advent of cloud-based services has been groundbreaking. Cloud computing has opened new doors in the world of IT and enabled solutions that were previously unimaginable. So much so that today the cloud has a significant impact on every aspect of our lives.

Cloud-Based Services for Businesses

The essence of the cloud is that various computing services are not stored or run on our own IT systems but are accessible over the network, via the internet. We distinguish three types of clouds:

  • Public clouds, which are operated and managed by an external service provider,
  • Private clouds, which are used by a dedicated company and no one else,
  • Hybrid clouds, which combine the features of the two previous types.

The Advantages of the Cloud

  • Independence: Cloud computing allows authorized persons access to files and information from anywhere, anytime.
  • Encourages collaboration: Even during remote work, teamwork is not an issue with cloud computing.
  • Scalability: One of the cloud's massive benefits is its flexibility; its size can be easily expanded or reduced as needed.
  • Cost-efficiency: You only pay for the capacity you actually need.
  • Data protection: Data backup, recovery, and ensuring uninterrupted operation are cheaper and simpler.
  • Security: Cloud services also aim to protect data and applications and guard against cybercrime.

Cloud-based services not only represent the present of IT but also its future. Over time, every company will realize that working in the cloud is much more comfortable and faster, so this step should not be postponed.

SERCO has been a significant player in the Hungarian IT sector for decades. We believe that over the coming years, the cloud will fundamentally transform both IT and the working world. We support our clients through this change!

Come with us to the cloud, and beyond!

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