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Rapid Home Office Setup

Efficiently Working from Anywhere

Rapid Home Office Setup

Efficiently Working from Anywhere

The concept of remote work, or 'home office,' was unfortunately brought into stark reality for a whole nation due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, it would be a mistake to think that remote work is solely attributable to the global health crisis— it is a global trend that is captivating increasingly larger crowds year after year.

Distant, Yet Together

Today, setting up a home office is not just an option for companies; it's a necessity. Why?

  • Because any new wave of the pandemic could force employees back into their homes at any time.
  • Because flexibility is a fundamental expectation for the younger generations in the working world.
  • Because establishing a home office is a step towards creating family-friendly workplaces.
  • Because the company can save costs through home office arrangements.
  • Because employees appreciate and repay with loyalty the trust granted in setting up a home working environment.

What is needed from a corporate side to set up a home office?

Remote work can only function effectively if the company ensures a few basic conditions for creating the right circumstances.

  • Smooth IT operations: Work from home needs to run as smoothly as if the entire team were in the office. Uninterrupted IT operations can create a good foundation for this.
  • Secure devices at home too: Employees' company devices must be fortified with protections at both the device and network design levels to ensure that any potential error does not lead to damage or data loss.
  • Remote access: Remote access plays a crucial role, without which home office arrangements are not feasible. Cloud-based services are akin to a magic wand in the realm of access issues, offering easy solutions tailored to individual needs.

At SERCO, we believe that home office is the cornerstone of modern work practices in many sectors, such as for companies engaged in office activities, as well as in the fields of IT, communication, and customer service. Setting up a home office is preparing for the future, for the modern worker.

We will guide you through the path of modernization!

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