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Ensuring Every Cyber Attack Fails


Ensuring Every Cyber Attack Fails

The digitalization of companies is one of the strongest trends in the IT sector. Everything is connected to everything else, including the network. Modern innovations assist in boosting efficiency, yet they often pose questions from a cybersecurity perspective. Cloud-based technologies and IoT (Internet of Things) devices have become part of our lives in the office, but their usage necessitates a particular focus on security.

What makes a business vulnerable?

  • Insufficient attention to security
  • Infrequent security backups
  • Improper handling of personal data
  • System updates and maintenance neglect

The aim of establishing cybersecurity is to keep cybercriminals and attackers at bay and protect corporate data, infrastructure, and organizational operations. A security expert is like a gatekeeper. They defend the cybersecurity system, which is surrounded by bastions and must repel numerous malicious attacks.

Types of Cyber Attacks

Cyber attacks can be highly varied, depending on the attacker's objectives. Attackers are incredibly creative when it comes to causing harm, making it often challenging to recognize incidents.

  • Ransomware blocks access to content or the network, and the attacker will only release it for a ransom.
  • Denial-of-service attacks overwhelm the system's resources, preventing it from responding appropriately.
  • Certain attacks target passwords. Acquisition may exploit colleagues' good faith or inattentiveness.
  • Drive-by attacks use insecure websites where the attacker embeds malicious scripts.
  • Phishing most often reaches employees via email in the form of a message that appears to be from a reliable source.
  • Eavesdropping aims for cybercriminals to access sensitive information, such as credit card details.


At SERCO, we understand that secure operation is the foundation of efficient functionality. As IT service providers, we create an environment that enables uninterrupted operations. Whether it's configuring a firewall or establishing a complete protection system, our colleagues act with considerable experience and efficacy.

We don't take risks; we ensure certainty. And you?

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